Biographies of the people offering trainings or practice groups

Marcelline Brogli, M.A., MFT
Marcelline Brogli is a certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication and is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California. She is originally from Switzerland and has lived in North San Diego County for over 40 years.  Marcelline teaches Nonviolent Communication, also called Compassionate Communication, in English, Spanish and German and has introduced this process to schools, businesses, hospitals, families and social service agencies in five countries.

Amy McQuillan
Amy was introduced to NVC in the 1990’s, and studied on her own for a few years, occasionally attending practice groups. Since 2004 she has attended 15 intensive NVC retreats, including 4 IIT’s with Marshall Rosenberg and other certified trainers. She believes the principles of NVC are the most effective way she has found to help to heal the problems our world faces. Heart to heart connection leads to healing and understanding, and she believes people are longing for new ways to connect and resolve conflict.  She lives in Ramona and offers occasional trainings there.  One-to-one appointments are also available.
(760) 315-3036

Joe Glennon
Joe Glennon has participated in many NVC trainings, including an International Intensive Training, The Living Energy of Needs, and Compassionate Leadership three times! Also done an NVC Dance Floors weekend workshop with Gina Lawrie, and several other trainings. Now he is interested in empathic coaching, mediation, practice groups and trainings. Joe has studied NVC since 2004, and participated in several advanced seminars including IIT, Energy of Needs, and Compassionate Leadership, including an Internship in Compassionate Leadership. Email:

Ron Punit Auerbacher
Studied NVC with Kelly Bryson and Marshall Rosenberg (1993-2000).
Studied Focused Attention with Neill Gibson & Beth Banning (2000-2006).
Has been a student at the Zen Center of San Diego since 1993.
Currently studying NVC with Oren Jay Sofer and teaches at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego in Hillcrest.
(619) 295-6864

Ellen Shiro
Ellen Shiro, Marriage and Family Therapist, facilitates communication enhancement classes and workshops throughout Southern California. Ellen also counsels individuals, couples, and families, privately, and works with businesses and schools in developing and exercising effective communication.
(949) 642-7889

Tera Gardner
Tera Gardner has a San Diego Community College teaching credential in Effective Communications & Personal Development and taught with the SDCCD (San Diego Community College District)  for 21+yrs .  She now has a private practice as a Certified Life Coach  specializing in relationship communications(NVC based) and relationship “addiction” patterns.  Practicing NVC for over 18 years and a SD area NVC coordinating team member 15 + years, she facilitates bi-monthly practice support groups in her home,  NVC workshops/classes throughout the community and is available to discuss fee options for private individual, couple,  family & group sessions. Home office (858) 270-8202  Cell   (858) 344-0898 or email 

James Prieto
James currently supports himself as a software developer. He discovered NVC in 2002 and immersed himself in it ever since. James pursues ways to contribute to peace, helping others build fulfilling relationships through his writing, small group and workshop facilitation. He recently released a book titled The Joy of Compassionate Connecting—The Way of Christ through Nonviolent Communication. He also enjoys surfing, snowboarding, drumming and dancing.

Wendy Garrido
Wendy helps first-time & soon-to-be moms who are overwhelmed and under-resourced become the kind of parents they really want to be. Wendy published "North Star Family Matters," the magazine dedicated to the emotional & spiritual health of kids and families. It was in this role that she was introduced to Non-Violent Communication (NVC). She has been on the youth/teen staff at the Washington state NVC Family Camp for the past 6 years and has also practiced EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for over 14 years. She lives in Oceanside, CA with her husband, Prem, and daughter, Shanti, who was born in May 2012.